2005 / MELOFILMS #1 #2 #3 #4

(lo-res video-diaries, 2005)

Melofilm #1: Love Me Tender

Melofilm #2: The Passenger

Melofilm #3: Midnight in Paris

Melofilm #4: Trash City

Synopsis: Pop-music invades every surrounding. The chorus echoes as a mantra. The diary keeps thoughts and lyrics.

Duration: 4x4 minutes

With: Ingo Konig, Sabrina D. Marques, Renato Duarte, Pedro Sousa

Director: Sabrina D. Marques

Camera: Sabrina D. Marques

Editor: Sabrina D. Marques

Soundtracks: Iggy Pop, Elvis, Lewis, The Jills

Producer: Sabrina D. Marques

Details: Lo-res 4:3

Copyright: GERMINAL