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2016 / THE CIRCLES (Loops / Series of Video-installations)


Loops / Series of Video-installations (2016)

Concept: Society means the meeting of the bodies. The crowd rejoins inside itself and the temporary peers build together an idea of love, that is as close to the origin as any of these naked bodies. Every match and every mismatch today will be just as those of yesterday were and those of tomorrow will be. In a material symphony, the convergences and divergences between men and women compose repeatedly an atonal revisitation, that joints and unjoints over and over.

Context: Project developed in the context of the GET BORN Artistic Residences - Project ''Life inside the Egg'' by The Telepathicams @ Galeria Germinal (Lisboa)


Video-installation / Coreography for Camera (2016)

Synopsis: A man and a woman grow close and apart.

Duration: 7 minutes

With: Eunice Correia, Homero Castelbranco

Director: Sabrina D. Marques

Producer: Longshot

Image: Vasco Sequeira

Grading: João Gambino

Soundtrack: Daniel Costa

Copyright: LONGSHOT


Loop / Video-installation (2016)

Synopsis: Their home is the laboratory of their relationship.

Duration: 2 minutes

With: Sabrina Marques, João Figueiredo

Director: Sabrina D. Marques

Producer: The Telepathicams

Copyright: GERMINAL


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