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2016 / Photography Duet: Life Inside The Egg

LIFE INSIDE THE EGG Photo-installation (excerpt, 2016) Artistic Residence with Mehdi Jahan AUTHORS' POINT OF VIEW:

In between Portugal and India, two photographers (The Telepathicams) get together to develop seven chapters, around the theme ''GET BORN'', general chorus to a series of artistic residences promoted by the Germinal Gallery since the second semester of 2016. The project LIFE INSIDE THE EGG is distributed in a sequence: Body Unit - Common Limits - Polarities of Desire - Bodies Against Bodies - Political Physiognomies - Farewell to Conscience - Nadificar -- to progressively study, through the photographic essay, the collective wish to be one with the whole. What Freud/Rolland would call the Oceanic Feeling is, in the end, the elision of the unity of the Self, in direction to the unity of the common, with a spiritual sense of communion with the living world. To regain a key-word from the existentialist theory - this active progression is a gesture of Nothingness (nadificar).


Beatriz Brás, Sérgio Coragem, Patrícia Saramago, João Figueiredo, João Lopes, etc


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